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Testimonials | Arizona Concealed


This is the course I have been looking for. I’m a single Dad with 3 boys so it was very convenant for me to take this exam at home.

— John

Well explained, easy to understand, best hour I have expended, congratulations.

— Jesus

My Concealed carry had expired about 2 years ago and I didn’t have time to spend in a classroom because of my schedule. This course is great for a renewal and refresher for anyone who wishes to conceal carry. I am really impressed with Roger and the emphasis on Safety. Great Job!

— Paul

Good course, enjoyed the information. I had fun with this. Thanks.

— Stephen

This was a very interesting video. Great job by Mr. Leach, it kept my attention and made me more confident in my choice to own and learn about the guns I own.

— Elizabeth

Great way for those of us who have handled firearms and been involved in shooting programs to get a concealed carry. Thanks!

— Ted

The class was quick and easy to understand. The class was concise and focused on giving you only the information needed making the class very agreeable. The best part is it was given by a certified instructor within the law enforcement community which brings with it a peace of mind that you have received good to go information. I would do it again in a heart beat regardless if it was online or in a class room situation.

— Angel

Great class!

— Larry

I am proud of our state for being in the forefront fighting for our Constitutional Rights! I am also proud in the way we have stayed in the forefront by using the technology we have. I enjoyed taking the course at home. It was relaxing and the course was informative on the basics of firearm safety. I think the course is a necessity for new gun owners in particular.

— Dr. Mark

I enjoyed the test, and although I have use guns for over 50 years I learned some things about guns I didn’t know. Thank you.

— Onel

Much quicker taking course at home from a qualified instructor. Mr. Leach did a great job.

— Jerry

Easy to follow course. Very good instructor, I enjoyed it and appreciate the information

— Sarah

With all due respect, I’d sincerely like to add that as an ex-military U.S. Seabee who spent four years with ‘Uncle Sam’, the course for Arizona Concealed Carry was everything I had learned plus a few good reminders. Never short change knowledge and believe you know more than an instructor. Thank you. RJB

— Roger

I would recommend this course for both beginer and experienced shooters. The course was easy to follow, thorough and to the point.

— Paul

Course was very informative, educational, and convenient. Due to my work schedule, I don’t have time to take a class. Thank you very much.

— Nolan

Good class. Good information. Knowledgeable instructor.

— Mike